Sound Horizon


2nd Story CD

Release: August 11, 2002


3rd Story CD

Release: December 30, 2002

Pico Magic

1st Pleasure CD

Release: May 4, 2003

Pico Magic Reloaded

2nd Pleasure CD

Release: August 17, 2003

Chronicle 2nd

1st Story Renewal CD

Release: March 19, 2004


~Prelude to Paradise~

Major Debut Album

Release: October 27, 2004


~Paradise Fantasy Story Suite~

4th Story CD

Release: April 13, 2005

The Boy Draws the Sword and...

1st MAXI Single CD

Release: October 4, 2006


5th Story CD

Release: November 22, 2006

The Holy War of Iberia

1st Story Maxi CD

Release: August 1, 2007


6th Story CD

Release: September 3, 2008

~Ido e Itaru 

Mori e Itaru Ido~

1st Prologue Maxi CD

Release: June 16, 2010


7th Story CD

Release: December 15, 2010

Halloween to Yoru 

no Monogatari

2nd Story Maxi CD

Release: October 9, 2013

Vanishing Starlight

1st Anniversary Maxi Single

Release: October 1, 2014


9th Story CD

Release: April 22, 2015

Wish Upon an Ema

(Prologue Edition)

7.5th or 8.5th Story BD

Release: January 13, 2021

Wish Upon an Ema!
(Full Edition)

7.5th or 8.5th Story BD

Release: June 14, 2023